What is the New IFB Movement?

You may not know what the New IFB movement is or why you should care. It’s a cult that has been growing in popularity for years.

How Is the New IFB A Cult?

The New IFB Movement meets the requirements to be called a cult. The BITE Model is used as a good determination of what it means to be a cult or have cult-like thinking.

Who Is In The New IFB Movement?

Currently, the New IFB movement has 30 churches that are in Canada, USA, Philipines, Australia, and South Africa. 

New IFB Beliefs

The basic beliefs of this group is Anti-LGBT, Misogyny, Anti-Worldliness, KJV Bible only, anti-semitism, and more

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BITE Model

The BITE model is list of characteristic traits of all cults. Psychologists use this model to determine if a person or group exhibits cult like thinking or is an actual cult.

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How Can I help?

Everyone can help us out! If you find a clip, tweet, or post from an NIFB member, feel free to contact us and let us know what you found.

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