Local Detective makes a horrific call for violence towards LGBT people.

On June 2, 2019, Pastor Grayson Fitts of All Scripture Baptist Church gave a sermon in which he stated that LGBT individuals should be arrested and executed by police officers. His statements, combined with the fact that he is a Detective in the police department, have resulted in an investigation by The Knox County Attorney General.

Transcript of Video:

The Bible says they are worthy of death…


The Bible says the government…


Somebody stands up “OH I’M LGBTQ” here’s how it should work.


It should work where we go out and enforce the laws because the bible says the POWERS THAT BE are ordained of God. And God has instilled the POWER of civil government to send the Police in 2019 out to these LGBT FREAKS and ARREST them, and have a trial for them, and if they are convicted then they are to be PUT TO DEATH.


You understand that?


It is a CAPITAL crime and it should be carried out by our government.

According to Knox News, “Knox County District Attorney General Charme Allen said late Wednesday night that prosecutors will review all pending cases involving a Sheriff’s Office detective [Grayson Pitts].” It is reported that he gave a regular sermon on Wednesday night as prosecutors review his cases. 


According to the church’s website they claim “We believe that sodomy (homosexuality) is a sin that is against nature. A person will only burn in their lust toward the same gender if they have been given over to a reprobate or rejected mind. God said homosexuality should be punished with the death penalty, as set forth in Leviticus 20:13. No homosexual will be allowed to attend or join All Scripture Baptist Church.”